About Us

WHITE ROSE;  one of the leading companies in automation sector,  has  not only been the best in its field of activities in our country, but also had a place at the top in international area through its services which are scientific and qualified, and  it  has been an automation corporation which  accomplished to  remain a leader, besides being a leader.  

The company adopted as a principle to follow up technological advances continuously and to provide you the best service every time.   Our Company  has been  always customers’ solution partner with its private solutions  and devotion. With its products prepared by  using higher technology and quality products as well as its 173 distributorships, service and support network, it provides continuous service to its customers. Our company maintains its objective to be a world leader upon 4 basic strategies. 

Globalization :

In our time in which security dimensions are changing worldwide  and security is very important, our company undertook an auxiliary mission to provide people’s safety  and takes place in a significant position in this sector. Together with its employees who believe that that they have undertaken a mission to introduce both the company and country ‘s  names worldwide in a  century in which capital movements between countries and technologic development have been increasing  and becoming liberal rapidly, our company has initiated works towards globalization.

Services :

Continuous prior and after sales service  hereby is maintained by  offering appropriate products to customers and assisting them for purchase through Customer Department,  and supporting customers  during assembly and service stages through technical service department,  and developing new service concept is  maintained upon continuous renewal within the scope of  ISO 9001-2008, CE and TSE.

Quality :

Although the existing quality of our products  with worldwide standards are protected, they are developed further by our Research and  Development Team.  Besides, our company gives importance to quality, having  ISO 9001-2008 TÜV CERT, TSE, manufacture competence certificate and  CE certificate as quality certificates.

Price :

To provide advantage to its customers with attractive and reasonable prices.