Istanbul International Financial Center Preferred White

23 Kasım 2020

It took part in the Istanbul International Financial Center Project with the White Rose Paid Parking Lot Automation and the Parking Lot-Empty Routing System.

White Rose took part in the International Finance Center Project with a project area of ​​690.000 m² in Istanbul, the capital of history, culture, art and science, which has hosted the oldest civilizations of the world, with the White Rose Automation and Parking solution System.


White Rose, a pioneer in the automation sector and taking part in important projects in the country of the world, has expanded its product portfolio and put into service its Parking Solutions.

White Rose Parking Systems, all of which are domestically produced and equipped with the latest technologies, will manage the Parking Lot of our country's largest financial center project, which includes Class A commercial and office areas.


White Rose, who is proud of taking part in important and successful projects in our country and in the world, continues to work nonstoply and tirelessly for the service of humanity.