Royal Oman Police Prefer White Rose for Pass Security Products

01 Şubat 2021

White Rose became the supplier of transit security products to the Royal Oman Police department, affiliated to the Oman Ministry of Internal Affairs.

White Rose, which has its name written on many international projects, also stands out with its quality in Pass Security products. The Armor Series high security product Road Blocker is preferred to the "Royal Oman Police (ROP)" project through the Oman Ministry of Internal Affairs, and the security products need of the police stations in this region are provided by White Rose.

The Armor Series Road Blocker, whose robustness was proven by the IWA 14 N3D crash test conducted in the UK, is fully equipped with domestic production and the latest technologies. It is a high security product developed by White Rose.

White Rose is proud of taking part in important and successful projects in our country and in the world, and continues to work continuous and tirelessly for the service of humanity.