The Quality of White Rose is at the Çamlıca Tv & Radio Tower

02 Ekim 2022

Çamlıca Tv & Radio Tower Security Access Systems

The Çamlıca TV-Radio Tower, which is the tallest structure in Istanbul and Europe, carries the title of the tallest structure in Istanbul and even in Europe. The Camlica Tower has not only brought forward a new age in the field of broadcasting in Turkey, but also an exemplary environmental project for the world. The comfort and quality of White Rose was preferred in the high security control products of this structure, which has become a building.


Road Blocker, Under Vehicle Imaging System and Arm Barrier products with superior White Rose technology were used in the project.


White Rose, which is proud of taking part in important and successful projects in our country and in the world, works non-stop for the comfort and safety of everything you care about.