The Safety Of SAR Project Is Commended To White Rose.

27 Kasım 2015

White Rose has added a new one to it's growing success.

 Saudi Arabia's railway station project (SAR) has given to White Rose Company from a variety of companies regarding security products implementation project. By this, White Rose will ensure the safety & security of Saudi Arabia's most important and gigantic railway project, namely ''the SAR project'' which, consists of six stations.


White Rose has accomplished the safety and comfort in this project, by implementing products such as: Road Blocker, Automatic Barriers, Automatic Shutters, Turnstiles at the entries and exits of the stations. Our domestic product quality of our country is one of the major preferences that has proven in the world.


Saudi officials are taking the urgent needs of the passengers into account in the SAR project by realizing high quality standards appropriate passenger trains. White Rose is proud to take place at important projects like the SAR project. White Rose continues to progress with secure steps in it's industry.