White Rose Signature on Istanbul Airport Pass Security Products

01 Kasım 2018

All transit security products of Istanbul Airport, the biggest airport project of our country and the world, are from White Rose.

Both passengers and the airport will be safer with the new technology transit security products that will be produced and applied by White Rose of Istanbul Airport, the first phase of which was commissioned in the first quarter of 2018. White Rose, which has made a name for itself with its state-of-the-art security automation products and domestic production, has managed to take part in this great project with its experienced staff and R&D team.

White Rose, which will take place with Road Blocker and Rising Bollard, Under Vehicle Screening Systems, Automatic Parking Barrier Systems and Sliding Door Motors, which will be applied at Istanbul Airport, is the pride of our country with its completely domestic production volume. Road Blocker and Rising Bollard systems to be used at Istanbul Airport were designed to prevent possible terrorist attacks. These products attract attention with their high safety products tested for durability in USA and England. In addition, the under-vehicle scanning system will automatically scan the bottom of the vehicles and there will be no overlooked elements in security. Parking barriers will ensure that the vehicle traffic in the airport continues uninterrupted and smoothly.

White Rose, which will take part in the project with these excellent passage security products, is honored to share this pride and joy with its valuable press members and followers.