Minister Yılmaz at White Rose...

02 Ocak 2013

Minister of Development Cevdet Yılmaz visited White Rose Factory in Karaman.

Making some investigations at White Rose Haraman Factory, Minister of  Development Cevdet Yılmaz began to his speech by an overview on Turkey in economical aspect and continued ; “Today a serious crisis exists in the world today. When we observe the position of Turkey within this fact which oppresses the world, Thank  God we are one of the luckiest countries”.

Yılmaz expressed that they are supporting White Rose and other Anatolian companies which are providing contribution to country’s export. Minister Yılmaz ;” Our businessmen shall compete  and on the other hand they shall cooperate. There exists a concept named competition within cooperation. We see what competitive countries in cooperation achieved today.  There is an aggregation here. When we combined this aggregation both with completion and cooperation, I sincerely believe we shall succeed works with higher added value. “