We are at Innovation Fair

01 Kasım 2012

We are at 1st Innovation Fair which was inaugurated by worldwide known innovation guru Lord Kumar Bhattacharyya and Minister of Science, Industry and Technology Nihat ERGÜN.

600 Innovative Technology are seen now

White Rose attended 1st.Innovation Fair in which Turkey’s  most innovative patented project and technologies shall be displayed for the first time. In the 1st Innovation Turkey Fair, which shall  be inaugurated by worldwide  known  innovation guru Lord Kumar Bhattacharyya and Minister of Science, Industry and Technology Nihat ERGÜN, 600 inventions of scientists of  all ages from secondary school student to  university professor are displayed. 

Minister Ergün at White Rose Stand

Minister Nihat Ergün visited White Rose stand and received information about the company  and products  from White Rose’s General Director Adem Kocatürk. Noticing that innovation should be certainly made, Ergün stated; “ in fact human has a natural ability for this. The important point here is that is to supply him the environments which he can introduce the brilliance inside him. Today the countries which are developed in technology and science are such countries which provided this environment to their people.” 

Door which is opened by mobile phone

White Rose; with its displayed product;” Active Innovative Door Operator”, was the center of  interest in the fair. Active Motor displayed at White Rose stand bears the title of; ” Turkey’ s unique domestic production door motor”. This product which is displayed in Innovation Fair by White Rose, the manufacturer of safe passage systems and automatic door”,  has following features such as ; remote control, plate recognition, opening by mobile phone.  Active Motor, with is quality material and functionality, attracts the interest of  both  domestic and foreign visitors of the fair.