White Rose Represents Us in Dubai

15 Şubat 2017

White Rose attends Dubai Intersec Safety Exhibition regularly since 2014, and gets to represent our country once again his year.

 Having revealed safety& security products with cutting edge technologies, the company appealed to visitors around the globe.

Wide mass of visitors, including representatives of important units from the world inquired and received information about the products at the exhibition where the company introduced 100% domestic products. The exhibition was a success for White Rose, a company that makes use of technology as a remarkable constituent of safety & automation industry, and attaching great importance to business.

The company also continues to be part of important projects in the world. Recently, White Rose assumed responsibility for security products in SAR and KAP4 railway projects, which are extensive and equally important for Saudi Arabia. Making accelerated progress and increasing in value since 2005, White Rose is making quite a name for itself in international markets. With an accelerated progress in exports since 2015, the company is proud to have proved 100% domestic technology and quality to the rest of the world and is also proud to successfully representing our country and Karaman.